The handmade wedding; Why handmade really IS better

The handmade wedding; Why handmade really IS better

Hello, it’s been a while, but after enjoying a good break for my maternity leave I am back! As I’ve been planning my return, {and during lots of night feed duties}, I’ve been thinking about my business and my why for doing it. Through Iris Betty Events I cover many aspects of event design and décor, and therefore I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts to explain what I do and why I love it. My business started off by making bespoke pieces for friends and family. It was actually originally called Iris Betty ~ Vintage and Handmade, so where better to start than my love for handmade.

As a designer-maker I love handmade.

I really could just end it there, but realistically you need a bit more from me on this. The beauty of ‘handmade’ I think, is the process. From initial inspiration – whether that be tons of researching, multiple pinterest boards or just a seemingly random thought, the products that end up getting made and not just left scribbled down in a sketchbook {back of a junk mail envelope etc.} are the ones that the maker believes in, loves, in fact. Loves enough to scribble it down, work it out, explore different approaches and refine to get to a point of something they are proud of. For me this means anything handmade just holds a lot more emotion than mass-produced.

Handmade wedding trend

The handmade trend for weddings is a strong one – handmade pieces are just more special somehow. Because they are made by hand, designs or products can be customised, altered, combined and merged to make them truly personal. The time and care put into handmade wedding details is always obvious, and that makes them more enchanting for your guests. They can tell a much better story because they are made specifically to tell your story.


Pinterest is an absolutely amazing resource for today’s wedding planning. I must admit I get lots of ideas there too {check out what I’m pinning} The surge in ‘DIY brides’ {and grooms} is huge, and it’s easy to understand why. There are thousands of high quality, beautiful images with seemingly simple steps to create unique, personal decorations at your fingertips. It’s a great way to develop your wedding style. Start by creating boards full of anything and everything you love, then begin to create more focused boards. The tricky bit is narrowing the ideas down. Knowing where to source the materials and equipment needed can also be difficult, so expect to spend some time researching and resourcing.


Don’t be disheartened.

Not having the right materials, tools and even skills can cause your makes to lack the flair and finesse you assumed they’d have. Remember most of the posts online have actually been made by professionals, and whilst there is lots of great, achievable inspiration available, don’t worry if your attempts take a while to perfect or you realise you could do with a hand. The best advice I have for anyone wanting to DIY your wedding details is time – allow way more than you think you’ll need, and then more again. Crafting for weddings often becomes the most stressful part, and that’s usually due to running out of time, and not having the support you need. Remember you’re planning a celebration of love,  don’t get so overwhelmed that you don’t enjoy the process. Definitely aways test out your DIY ideas, step back and consider if they really fit your wedding style or help to tell your story.

How can I help?

I really love creating handmade details for my couples. For some I develop bespoke concepts, for others I simply offer my skills to implement their already quite specific ideas. Would you like some help with your wedding DIY? I’d love to discuss your ideas, get in touch today.

Just think of me as your one stop freelance bridesmaid.

Photography: Natalie Martin // Iris Betty Events // Brad Wakefield

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